revisiting 2 - february

"east of the lake", our 02/11 february tune, ended up being one of our best 2011 songs to perform live - the others are probably "outer darkness" and "waiting for you to return". It's funny how some songs immediately come together with the band while others never work after loads of effort. We often have problems with live translations of these songs because they have so many layers, but sometimes they just work anyway, while others don't. I've given up trying to predict it.

This was a fun video to shoot with Anna, traipsing around in the cold frozen marshes at the back of my university campus.  Most of our videos don't include us in them (in fact only two of them do), but I think the addition of a person added a nice touch to this one. Of course, since we had to get up at an absurd hour to shoot it, I certainly hope it was worth the effort! that's me walking around at the end of the video:

I had a pretty complete demo of "east of the lake" when we started the month, so we created "across gelid waters" in inverse process to how we'd created "adrift in white" in January, with Eric coming up with guitar parts that fit over top of my demo.  Then we separated out those guitar parts and turned them into their own song. The "ahhs" that got added to this always made me think of the vocal parts in this Ulver tune "Eitttlane", from one of my favorite quirky albums of theirs "A Quick Fix of Melancholy".

You can read more about ulver here: