We're taking a break after last year's monthly package project, though we'll have an announcement about a remix album soon.

In the meantime, we thought we would provide some context for some of the tunes from last year - what inspired us, what we thought was interesting, etc., through a series of posts with little stories from the year.

01/11 january:
Although 'adrift in white' is not a typical bell monks song (if such exists), it was important to us as the first preview track of the year, as our approach to the song provided a template for how we could relate the tunes in the 2-track "packages" to one another.  In this case, I created the primary sound for 'adrift in white' by improvising a mellotron part over the top of Eric's guitar demo for 'cold winds' and then removed the guitar.  We then formed a new song around the synth that remained.  Most of the packages throughout the year have some sort of similar relationship, though it's not always quite so direct.  Here is a short sample of the mellotron improvisation over top of Eric's demo:

'adrift in white' features mellotron as the primary keyboard sound. We'd never used mellotron before with the monks, but I don't think we went a month without using it for the rest of the year. Whenever it felt like the tune needed a little boost, I usually tried adding more tron - it became a joke of sorts between Eric and me throughout the rest of the year. Of course we don't own a real mellotron, which would be lovely but likely a giant pain the ass to keep together - these are all Reason samples ("digital" tape loops). Someday, perhaps.