mid March teaser

Hi, everyone.
Our middle of the month teaser track for March is up.

One thing that we originally intended to do with this blog format is occasionally write about the creative process.  Working on two unique tracks per month has certainly been challenging, and getting the music written, recorded, and mixed in time for release has not left much time for reflection.  We certainly have had plenty of conversation within the group about the various successes, failures, strengths, and weaknesses of the finished tracks and the processes that get us there, but have not been able to share those thoughts

Now that we're three months in, I'd like to just briefly mention how these mid-month tracks have been developed.  So far, they have been directly related to the songs that come out at the end of the month, though the manifestation of that relationship has been a little different each time.  Sometimes one of us might play along with the end-of-month track and come up with a new keyboard/guitar/etc part that spins off into it's own creation.  Other times, a snippet of the end-of-month track is manipulated and turned into a loop, which we then play over to come up with totally new parts.  Or, at the very least, experimenting on an instrument and trying to mimic the shape of the end-of-month melody or chord progressions turns into a whole new yet strongly connected piece of music.

That's all for now.  See you again in a couple of weeks.