Today marks a bell monks milestone.

First of all, we are entering into a new year-long partnership with Madison-based Mine All Mine Records.
They will be regularly releasing our new material for all of 2011, which includes a streaming teaser track on the 15th of every month and, on the last day of every month, a downloadable package that includes the aforementioned teaser, a brand new full-length song, artwork and video.  In addition, we will be partnering with Mine All Mine some time towards the end of the year to plan a lovely physical packaged release of the tracks we posted throughout the year.

Got that?  New teaser track on the 15th of every month that you can listen to online, two tracks (the teaser from the 15th and a brand new full-length song) with photos and video that you can download on the last day of every month.

As for the second part of the news I have to share, let's see... what's today?...
Oh, right.  The 15th.  So, for your listening pleasure, I give you our very first release of the year: