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On the release of a new album

Releasing new music is always strangely emotional. Sometimes I’m nervous; often I’m excited. Other times I just feel relieved. As we get ready to share our 5th full-length album, The Sun Will Find You , I’m feeling nostalgic, thinking about the personal and situational changes in our lives since we started out. I have fond but hazy memories of our first sessions as a band, which took place some 15 years ago. Eric and I didn’t have a plan, but we were lucky to have access to a fabulous concert hall, a studio full of percussion gear, and a pair of U87s. I recall reading through binders of old sketches and spending time exploring mic placements. It was a thrilling experience to be working on this kind of music together.   One thing that hasn’t changed much is our glacial writing and recording pace, but I think we’re more accepting of our process at this point. That first album took almost 5 years to finish, as we pushed and stretched song structures into shapes quite different fr

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