Sunday, January 22, 2012


We're taking a break after last year's monthly package project, though we'll have an announcement about a remix album soon.

In the meantime, we thought we would provide some context for some of the tunes from last year - what inspired us, what we thought was interesting, etc., through a series of posts with little stories from the year.

01/11 january:
Although 'adrift in white' is not a typical bell monks song (if such exists), it was important to us as the first preview track of the year, as our approach to the song provided a template for how we could relate the tunes in the 2-track "packages" to one another.  In this case, I created the primary sound for 'adrift in white' by improvising a mellotron part over the top of Eric's guitar demo for 'cold winds' and then removed the guitar.  We then formed a new song around the synth that remained.  Most of the packages throughout the year have some sort of similar relationship, though it's not always quite so direct.  Here is a short sample of the mellotron improvisation over top of Eric's demo:

'adrift in white' features mellotron as the primary keyboard sound. We'd never used mellotron before with the monks, but I don't think we went a month without using it for the rest of the year. Whenever it felt like the tune needed a little boost, I usually tried adding more tron - it became a joke of sorts between Eric and me throughout the rest of the year. Of course we don't own a real mellotron, which would be lovely but likely a giant pain the ass to keep together - these are all Reason samples ("digital" tape loops). Someday, perhaps.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get Well Songs

Our tune "blue lights" is included on a new compilation put out by The Oleum Fold label called "Get Well Songs".  Proceeds will benefit Child's Play charity, which seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals. Lots of great music on this compilation, from bands including Fourteen Twentysix, eskimeaux, and others.

Pick it up here for only $1 (or as much as you would like to donate!)