Tuesday, December 21, 2010

single for christmas through mine all mine records

Mine All Mine Records is putting out twin a-side singles this week, leading up to christmas.  Our track "hear the bells" is included as part of today's singles, paired up with a lengthy, gorgeous offering by our friends, The Weather Duo.  So even if you already have the recording of "hear the bells", head on over to mamrecords to pick up the other track!


Additionally, there will be more great singles issued throughout the rest of the week from other cool bands, so get on their list and have a nice week of tunes!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hello, again.
Two quick updates...

First of all, we're streaming a live show tonight at 11:00 from Madison's WYOU Community Television as a part of the station's annual fund drive.
You can watch here: www.ustream.tv/user/WYOU.

Secondly, lullabies is finally available for download from our bandcamp page.
The link for the bandcamp page is available from the left sidebar on this site.
You can also go directly to music.bellmonks.com.
The album and its individual tracks are free to stream.
You can set your own price when downloading.
Thanks, and we hope you enjoy it.
Stay tuned for even more changes soon.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello.  Welcome to the new site.
A new year approaches, as does a new bell monks.
Expect the same personnel, the same loveliness, but with a fresh vision and a new way to make and share sights and sounds.
In the meantime, catch our next show streaming live on USTREAM for WYOU's pledge drive on Thursday December 9 at 11:00.